PaviArt 7a - Exposure Of Modern And Contemporary Art
Pavia - Palazzo delle esposizioni
16 - 17 March 2019

Gare 82 - Contemporary art
Stand 85- 85A

Franco Angeli, Silvia Beltrami, Valentina Biasetti, Stefano Bombardieri, Doroty Bhawl, Sarah Ledda, Man/Eck, Elena Monzo, Sergio Sarri

PaviArt is a market exhibition dedicated to modern and contemporary art. Attendees will be able to admire and even buy works of art of absolute value with great satisfaction of the important galleries participating, coming from all over Italy and from abroad.
Palazzo delle esposizioni, Europa square, Pavia
Hours: 16-17 march, 2019, from 10.30 to 19 (Friday 15, 18:00 opening by invitation)
Info: - - 0382.483430 - 348.9719961

BAF 2019 Bergamo Arte Fiera
12th – 14th January 2019

Gare 82 - Arte Contemporanea
pavillion B, stand 10A

Silvia Beltrami, Stefano Bombardieri, Sarah Ledda, Man/Eck, Davide Nido, Paolo Gheda, Elena Monzo, Mario Schifano, Sergio Sarri

The fair, promoted by Ente Fiera Promoberg, is consolidated as an important art event, under the artistic direction of Sergio Radici.
For three days BAF will bring in the orobic main town a selection of works of historical galleries linked to the modern art world and contemporary art galleries, with proposals related to new tendencies and emerging artists.
The richness of themes, without any division in sectors, allows the public to explore the different souls of the Art of 20th century and the current production.

OVER the Edge curated by Federica Picco
24 November - 22 December

Silvia Beltrami
Anna Caruso
Debora Garritani
Milena Sgambato

Gare 82

Art Contemporary Gallery
via Giulio Togni 31

29a Modern and Contemporary Art Trade Fair

From 16 November to 19 November 2018

Gare 82 - Arte Contemporanea

Silvia Beltrami, Dorothy Bhawl, Valentina Biasetti, Stefano Bombardieri, Anna Caruso, Man/Eck, Debora Garritani, Paolo Gheda, Nick Goss, Paul jenkins, Georges Mathieu, Elena Monzo, Milena Sgambato, Jacques Villeglé

From November 16th to 19th 2018, Arte Padova, the acclaimed Modern and Contemporary Art Fair in Padua, Italy is back for its 29th edition!
As with past editions, exhibitors at Art Padova - selected amongst the best Italian and foreign artists and the most renowned Italian art galleries - will display great works of art, ranging from established figures to innovative

Gare 82 - Arte Contemporanea
Pavillion 7 - Stand 236
Via Niccolò Tommaseo,59

Silvia Beltrami, blu di cobalto scuro, 2018, Collage on wood, 53x53 cm

ArtVerona 2018 #backtoItaly

12 October - 15 October 2018

XXS aperto al contemporaneo
Pavilion 12 - Booth L8
Veronafiere S.p.A
Viale del Lavoro 8
37135 Verona

XXS aperto al contemporaneo
Via XX Settembre, 13 – 90141 Palermo
tel. +39 091 8436774 – mob. +39 393 9356196

Concept 2018 Cica museum
June 29 - July 15, 2018

Weontae An, Alessia Arban, Silvia Beltrami, Colette Copeland, Fluke,
Jaejoon Jay Jang, Dooyeon Jung, John C. Kelley, Clara Kim, Ding Hee Kim, Chloe Jeongmyo Kim, Holly Lay, Haneul Lee, Jean Oh, Morgan Menegazzo/Mariachiara Pernisa, Naraphat Sakarthornsap, s/n & Nia Burks, Sayaka Suzuki, Sangwha Yim

Started from the sculptor Czong Ho Kim’s studio in 1994, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA) became a unique cultural space founded and cultivated by artists.
Not only CICA fosters projects of experimental artists, we are open for everyone to learn about Contemporary Art and apply it to one’s life. We aim to provide a creative, yet comfortable space for artists and the community to nurture their creative and critical thinking with visual culture while they communicate with each other.
CICA Museum has a collection of Czong Ho Kim’s sculptures, paintings, and architecture, as well as many renowned international artists’ works. For special exhibitions, we exhibit Contemporary Art pieces including painting, sculpture, and new media art. CICA also offers education and public programs for the cultural development of local communities.

Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA)
196-30, Samdo-ro, Yangchon-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 10049
Museum Galleries: 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Wednesday - Sunday
Tel: 031.988.6363 (10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. KST UTC+09:00, Wed.-Sun.)

Global Paper 4 International Triennale of Paper Art 2018
13.05. - 07.10.2018

Adler Pauline (DE), Ahn Cécile (BE), Artakianou Myrsini (DE), Augustinus Camilla (DK), Basaran Regina (DE), Batliner Ursula (LI), Behrens Heike (DE), Bellmann Anna Maria (DE), Beltrami Silvia (IT), Bergen Oksana (DE), Bernard Aidée (FR), Biffi Kathrin (CH), Bischof-Kaupp Eva-Maria (DE), Bludau-Hary Anna (DE), Bohe- men Anna van (NL), Bornemisza Eszter (HU), Borowsky Claudia (DE), Brackrock Angelika (DE), Brysch Stephanie (DE), Bubar Lorraine (US), Buck Ulrike (DE), Cavuldur Lale (TR), Cha Young Soon (KR), Chateauvert Jocelyn (US), Dannenhaus Elke (DE), Dussoix Irene (CH), Eigenbrodt Irene (DE), Feicht Dorota (DE), Fliege Irmtraut (DE), Friedrich Verena (DE), Gaebert Christiane (DE), Golz Ingrid (DE), Grimm Anja-Katrin (DE), Grotthuss Raphael (DE), Hendrikoff Alexandra (DE), Henninges Hasso von (DE), Hodson Pat (GB), Hoheisel Timo (DE), Holzinger Susanne (DE), Hovestadt Hyacinta (DE), Hubl Kathrin (DE), Jang Ip Kyu (KR), Kam- lage Doris (DE), Kämling Karoline (DE), Kämmerer Rita (AT), Karpiczenko Irene (CH), Kelsch Karsten (DE), Krautkremer Ute (DE), Krug Manuela (DE), Lehmann Katrin von (DE), Loerwald Dieter (DE), Londono Miriam (CO), Malatsion Bérengère Branciard (DE), Mandok Eva-Maria (DE), Mayr Peter (DE), Michalke Brigitte (DE), Mock Maria Elfriede (DE), Moro Ruth (CH), Müntefering Jutta (DE), Neubauer Sabine (DE), Nikpoor Sara (IR), Philipp Silvia M. (DE), Pinson-Ynden Florence (FR), Richardson Edward (AT), Riedl Priska (AT), Ritzmann Gerda (CH), Roesner Heike (DE), Rudolf Silvia (DE), Salguero de Rosenberg Veronica (DE), Schaefer Heike (DE), Schär Lilo (CH), Schei Cathrine (NO), Schiffer Sarah (DE), Schirrmacher-Meitz Marie E. U. (DE), Schollerer Madeleine (DE), Schramm Wilhelm (AT), Schuster Reinhard (DE), Schwarzmann Michaela (DE), Shibata Ayumi (JP), Smits Riny (NL), Sommer Birgit (DE), Spelleken Irina (DE), Stumpp Barbara (DE), Süess May-Lucy (CH), Tammi Minnamarina (FI), Tatli Senol (CH), Truchta-Nowicka Miroslawa (PL), Tschacher Helene (DE), Tschacher Joachim (DE), Verkaaik Linda (NL), Weist- hoff Max (DE), Wunderling Katja (DE), Zeilbeck Wolfgang (DE), Zille Grit-Ute (DE)

For the fourth time, the museums of the city of Deggendorf will be the international centre of paper art.
90 square metres at the Handwerksmuseum and all 340 square metres in the Stadtgalerie im Stadtmuseum will be exclusively dedicated to paper art with Global Paper 4 exhibition.
As in 2015, more than 400 artists from all over the world applied to participate in the Global Paper 4 exhibition.
The entries were of a very high standard, making the jury’s work all the more difficult. We were ultimately able to select 94 artists from 22 countries for the fourth Triennale of Paper Art in Deggendorf. The majority of the artists are from Germany and other European countries, but South Korea, Iran, Japan and Colombia are also represented.
In the exhibition viewers can experience a wide range of contemporary forms of paper art, which use paper as an artistic medium in its own right. The artists work with diverse forms of paper, including cellulose pulp, handmade paper, paper pulp, industrially produced paper, and paper waste from everyday use. A striking array of techniques can be found in the exhibition, from paper folding to paper cutting and mixed media.
The artists also address diverse subjects, including man and nature. Some of the artists engage with themes that critique society such as the refugee crisis or the war in Syria.

A richly illustrated bilingual catalogue (German/English) accompanies the exhibition.

Media partner for the exhibition:


Papier- unARTig

Museum Papiermühle
May 6 - October 28 2018

Greetje van Akker, Gerd Anders, Imke Beek, Marille von den Berg
Silvia Beltrami, Margit Bu Dominuez, Ulrike Buch, Christiane Gaebert
Petra Grupp, Margareta Hihn, Susanne Holzinger, Hanne Frey Huso
Eva Juras, Mali Klein, Elise Kloppers, Angela Mainz, Harald Metzler, Metka Pepelnak, Lilo Schöär, Willhelm Schramm, Ines Seidel, Hans-Jürgen Simon
Traudel Stahl, Annica Stiemlöff, Minnamarina Tammi, Aliza Thomas
Miroslawa Truchta-Nowicka, Helene Tschacher, Voortmann Lenie

The theme “Papier-unARTig” is a play on words in German, expressing that art sometimes has to be “naughty”, funny, with a smile, a twinkle in the eyes, even provocative(...).

Museum Papiermühle
Gartenstraße 11 - 97855 Homburg (Triefenstein) Germania
Tel: 09395-99389 oder 0172-68 23 032
Openings: may 1 - October 31 Tuesday - Friday: 10.00 - 12.00 e 14.00-16.00
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10.00 - 12.00 e 14.00 - 17.00 Closed Monday

Anna Maria Bellmann, Silvia Beltrami, Kathrin Biffi-Frey, Peter Gentenaar, Drew Shiflett, Eric Standley

we have made it, it was hard work, but at the end we loved to see the wonderful result, the calendar "Paperart 2018", we are standing in front of the choosen artworks and we are looking forward to every upcoming month, to see the result on the wall!
Also for 2018, we will once again present an extremely various calendar with incredibily creative artists from the US, from the Netherlands, from Switzerland, from Italy and Germany. 62 artists from different countries have taken part in our calendar-project since 2009.Every year we get in contact with new artists, we love the unbelievable creativity they are showing us.Soft forms , italian paintings made from scraps of paper, cutted fractal geometries, installation in a river, it seems, that there is nothing.You cannot make out of paper!Six artists show us what they have created out of a single piece of paper!(...).

Ulirich Stetter


Only after some time from her last exhibition Vanishing points, here in Milan, I had the chance and the pleasure to meet Silvia Beltrami. Her work had, at that time already, touched me somehow, but I had not yet had the opportunity to deepen her artistic research....



Silvia Beltrami

xxs aperto al contemporaneo
May 5 - june 10 , 2017

“XXS aperto al contemporaneo” presents, for the first time in Sicily, the personal exhibition called “Punti di fuga” (“Vanishing Points”) of the artist Silvia Beltrami.
The title suggests a double meaning formula: it is not only indicative of the scientific perspective, but it also suggests the escape from reality or, to be more precise, the passage that allows the escape; both aspects are expressed in Silvia Beltrami’s art.
The artist's reflection considers several psycho-social issues, represented with the perfected collage technique. Using images with indefinite contours, Beltrami employs the pieces of her puzzle as exclusive instruments of her works of art, abolishing the academic brushstroke.
Her collages express the everyday life’s psychosis: consumerism, appearance, superficiality; so fragmentation becomes the metaphor of today's society. The human being is no longer unique and alone, but a composition of colourful facets, and deflagrated in space – as the work of art – he splits into innumerable particles, but at the same time he is chained to a magnetic power that makes him an integral part of a single project, where lines and motions built on a surface intersect in the vacuum of imaginary levels; where polychrome and variegated women run after their dreams or where rave dancers chase incessantly the search for a tunnel that can lead them to the total loss of consciousness.

In collaboration with Costantini Art Gallery – Milan
Technical Sponsor: Pizzo & Pizzo – Palermo Dei Principi di Spadafora – Palermo

XXS aperto al contemporaneo
Via XX Settembre, 13 – 90141 Palermo
tel. +39 091 8436774 – mob. +39 393 9356196
Openings: 17,00 – 20,00 – Closed Monday and public holidays


Pablo Atchugarry, Aqua Aura, Silvia Beltrami, Laura Gonzales Cabrera,
Carlo Cego, Andrea Cereda, Giorgio Griffa, Paco Guillen, Joanpere Massana, Me Nè, Ubay Murillo, Yuri Olegovic, Roberto Pietrosanti, Pino Pinelli,
Nicolò Quirico, Mattias Sanchez, Ray Smith, Franco Zazzeri,
Christian Zucconi

Costantini Art Gallery
April 25, 2017 | May 20, 2017

Via Crema, 8 - 20135 Milano Tel +39 02 87391434 - Openings: 10,30-12,30 ; 15,30-19,30 - Closed Monday morning and public holidays
For come : MM3 Porta Romana - Tram 9 - Bus 62, 90, 91


Silvia Beltrami

Costantini Art Gallery
November 25, 2016 | January 7, 2017

Review by Giorgio Bonomi

“Vanishing points” is an expression that belongs as much to mathematics (the perspective theory) as to life reality (a place to escape from danger, material or moral) and here Silvia Beltrami operates exactly on the two meanings. An artist has ideas and feelings to express and he does it (he must do it, if he’s a real artist) using a form, this one now, in the examined works, is exactly the application of various ways in which the geometric perspective is carried on. This one, as we know from the Renaissance on, is only a form of illusory representation that allows an image that we have on a flat two-dimensional surface to look three-dimensional. But, the artist tells us, illusion is also the possibility of freedom, of being able to “sleep”1, while “dancing” is just an illusion of being able to be happy and carefree: so, as meant by a great philosopher in his aesthetic theory1, we have a perfect correspondence between content and form, between the illusoriness of real life and perspective.

Via Crema, 8 - 20135 Milano Tel +39 02 87391434 - Openings: 10,30-12,30 ; 15,30-19,30 - Closed Monday morning and public holidays
For come : MM3 Porta Romana - Tram 9 - Bus 62, 90, 91

cartasia 2016



the dream of paper art

ducal palace
July 31- September 4

Stefano Baroni, Silvia Beltrami, Lucrezia Bieler, Jerry Lee Ingram, Eszter Bornemisza , Florence Mc Ewin, Chris Gilmour, Sergio Gotti, Hans Meertens, Elisabetta Necchio, Gabriele Erno Palandri, Vassilis Perros, Alice Steinmetz, Giacomo Solfanelli, Consuelo Zatta, Anastasia Zisi.

Lucca, a medieval Tuscan town rich in history and culture, is also the largest paper production centre in Europe. Its unique mix of production, history, tradition and art gives Lucca the title of “world capital of paper”. For this reason Lucca is the ideal location for Cartasia, the International Paper Biennial. Cartasia holds a contest for outdoor monumental paper and card sculptures, as well as indoor exhibitions and a series of performances and conferences, with an emphasis on sustainability.
The Indoor exhibition features the best creative artists of a new and rapidly evolving avant-garde art, i.e. paper art. The exhibition will be hosted in the Duke’s Palace, i.e. a 14th century building where the juxtaposition between the past and the present perfectly enhances any art experience. During the Biennial Exhibition visitors are captured by the peculiar working technique with which paper is worked, and this for any work of art on display.


Ducal Palace
The Guard Hall (with frescoes by Luigi Ademollo)



Curator Giorgio Bonomi

5 june - 7 August 2016

Elena Aromando, Elysia Athanatos, Silvia Beltrami, Carlo Bettoni, Dario Biancheri, Tonina Cecchetti, Giacomo Filippini, Giuliana Geronazzo, Annamaria Gheza, Rosalba Giugliano, Fukushi Ito, Enrico Minato, Elena Vitale

The exhibition Artist games homage to Calder, curate by Giorgio Bonomi is inaugurating in the field of expression of art and game, on June 5 at 18:00 pm in Terzorio (IM), in the meeting point (house Museum’s Freedmann). It is an exhibition which want to display one of the endless aspects of art may take: from tragedy to comedy, from knowledge to the fun, from the thought to the joke and more besides; it is no coincidence that the exposition is a tribute to Calder, the great American artist, who dedicated the large part of his work to the playful.
The invited artists (Elena Aromando, Elysia Athanatos, Silvia Beltrami, Carlo Bettoni, Dario Biancheri, Tonina Cecchetti, Giacomo Filippini, Giuliana Geronazzo, Annamaria Gheza, Rosalba Giugliano, Fukushi Ito, Enrico Minato, Elena Vitale), each with his own style and his poetics, offer an example of his own art it can be smart element of the game. Effectively art is, at all times, for those who make it and those who observe it, a practice of knowledge and emotion; but also the game, if we leave out the pastimes fools, is an incentive to know and enjoy. Let us consider, for example, the game of chess which requires remarkable qualities or to the effects that the games have on the physical and intellectual growth of children. For this reason it has made an exhibition, that we hope, can entertain the spectator but at the same time, it involves him in a reflection that goes beyond of the first impression, coming to his memory and enrichment of his intellectual and emotional capacity.
There are paintings, photographs, sculptures, performances, in short, a small display of various possibilities “technical-expressive” in the contemporary art.


Vico Cian 18 - 18010 Terzorio (IM)

Info: mee TTTing point

Alessandra 3475499044


15 April - 8 May 2016

Mara Anders, Sandrine Beaudun, Laura Behar, Silvia Beltrami, Catherine Bernard, Elisabeth Beurret, Isabelle Bringer, Viviane Colautti Ivanova, Kathrin Dardel, Viviane Fontaine, Elisabeth Gerony, Tatiana Ginsberg, Marilou Glinz, Gundel Hädeler, Alison Harper, Jan Ingram Allen, Jessica Johannesson, Chiapping LU, Marie-Claire Meier, Catherine Nash, Edith Nicot, Isis Olivier, Branda Parsons, Ophélie Pauchet, Tatiana Rozenblat, Anne-Lise Studer, Minnamarina Tammi, Helene Tschacher, Anne Vilsbøll,
Eva Wilcke, Sun Yung Kang, Mona Waterhouse


5 chemin Gilbert-Trolliet | 1209 Petit Saconnex CP 464 | 1211 Genève 19

Fabio Gurian

Corpi dal nucleo


realized with virtual instruments - all right reserved

A composition of the conductor Fabio Gurian
Dedicated to the work of Silvia beltrami

Untitled 2013

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The "Associazione dèdalo ensemble", Brescia, announces an International "call for scores" for the XXI edition of the concert season "Sulle ali del Novecento". Composers may send one or more scores. Every score must have a precise reference to the work(s) of one, and only one, of the following contemporary figurative artists related to Brescia


Selected scores, maximum one for each composer and no more than one related to each artist, will be performed in a concert in Brescia, Sancarlino Theatre, on January 2016, along with a presentation of the art work(s) that inspired the scores.
dèdalo ensemble thanks the Art historianPAOLO BOLPAGNI for his collaboration.

Andrea Mattevi

Piano e spazio oltre il limite metafisico for G-flute, violin, cello and harp, inspired by artwork Untitled by Silvia Beltrami

Miguel Villanueva Hering

Perspectivas for flute, mib clarinet, violin, cello and piano inspired by artwork Ecce homo by Marco La Rosa

Marco Spagnolo

Il profumo, gli archi, la strada for piccolo, bass clarinet, piano, violin and cello inspired by artworks Lightweight gait, Arches e Black endearment by Francesca Longhini


From 19 December 2015 to 14 February 2016

Curated by Giorgio Bonomi, Lara Caccia, Giorgio Di Genova, Vincenzo Le Pera


curated by Giorgio Bonomi















Camera di Commercio Vibo Valentia. Complesso Valentianum, San Leoluca square, Vibo Valentia.

Catalogue Limen arte 2015


collage section

Prospettiva accidentale, 2014

CODA Paper Art 2015 | 07.06 t/m 25.10.2015

CODA Paper Art is an international exhibition at CODA Museum Apeldoorn, the Netherlands with art and jewelry created by visual artists and designers that focus on paper and cardboard in their work.

Paper and cardboard are relatively simple and fairly cheap materials that, combined with traditional and modern techniques and the artist’s inspiration, show their endless possibilities and expressive power in staggering and dynamic but sometimes also moving and subtle ways. After a highly successful edition in 2013, CODA Museum Apeldoorn presents CODA Paper Art 2015, an exhibition that provides ample space – both literally and figuratively – for the installations, spatial works and specially selected jewellery of 36 artists from the Netherlands and abroad whose work is centred around paper and cardboard.

Exhibiting visual artists:

Frank Åsnes, Gunjan Aylawadi, Silvia Beltrami, Diana Beltran Herrera, Anne-Mieke Boonstra, BJ Birza, Rogan Brown, Sophie Cardin, Julie Dodd, Sarah Brina, Chris Gilmour, Jacob Hashimoto, Orukami Himanshu Agrawal, Meg Hitchcock Stege, Li Hongbo, Nina Lindgren, Tracy Luff, Berdien Nieuwenhuizen, Lisa Nilsson, Andy Singleton, Eric Standley, Richard Sweeney, Erin Turner, Phillip Valdez, Maud Vant Ours, Wang Lei

Exhibiting jewellery designers:

Attai Chen, Anne Finlay, Georgina Howling, Hanna Liljenberg, Suska Mackert, Jeremy maggio, Francine Oeyen, Ritsuko Ogura, il Tine Ruysser, Michihiro Sato, Janna Syvänoja, Lauren Vanessa Tickle Myung Urso, Flóra Vági, Ingeborg Vandamme, Li-Chu Wu

7.06.2015 - 25.10.2015

CODA museum

Vosselmanstraat 299

7311 CL Apeldoorn

tel.: (055) 5268400




June 24 - August 15 2015

Wednesday, 24 June 2015, at 19:00

Opening address:

Mr.Ruvik Danilovich, Mayor of Be'er Sheva

Laura Behar, Initiator and co-curator of the exhibition

Dr Dalia Manor, Director, The Negev Museum of Art

The Negev Museum of Art starts, June 24, 2015 at 19:00, the exhibition Pulp Fiction and curated by Dr. Laura Behar and Dr. Dalia Manor, director of the museum, in the presence of mayor Mr. Danilovich Ruvik and authorities local.

Pulp and Fiction - an international exhibition of paper art to be held concurrently at the Negev Museum of Art, Negev Artists House, Trumpeldor Gallery and the Train Yard Compound gallery.

the title of the exhibition is derived from a manner of speaking, the "Pulp" that is, in fact, literary genre in England and the United States that proposes stories of strong colors, violent crimes and macabre situation, hence also of the same name film Quentin Tarantino, and is so named because the inside pages of the stories on paper were not trimmed wood pulp (in English pulp) so poor quality.

The second life of the artist inventing the paper, hence the term "Fiction", new forms of contemporary art is the concept behind the exhibition.

The Negev Museum of Art is located in the Old City of Beer Sheva, in a charming historic building that was used in the past as home to the Turkish governor, during the Ottoman reign in Israel.

Guided tours at the exhibition will be held every Wednesdays at 5 pm and Saturdays at 11 am

Shulamit Egozi / Naama Aaronson / Doron Elia / Laura Behar / Silvia Beltrami / Ruti Banai / Ute Breitenberger / Anna Goebel / Kirsti Grotmol / Eva Ilona Wilcke / Johann Söhl / Josephine Tabbert/ Miroslawa Truchta-Nowicka / Helene Tschacher / Racheli Joseph / Bara Lehmann-Schulz / Miriam Londoño / Cherilyn Martin/ Marie Noorani / Anne-Lise Studer / Daniela Stoyanova Todorova/ Gail Elizabeth Stiffe/ Jan Fairbrian-Edwards / Viviane Fontaine / Viviane Colautti / Batia Redner/ Asakura Shunsuke / Traudel Ruth Stahl / Aliza Thomas /

The Negev Museum of Art

60 Ha'Atsmaut st. P.O.B 5011, Be'er Sheva

Phon: 972-8-6993535

The exhibition is shown concurrently at:

Negev Artists House

Trumpeldor Gallery:Art center

The Gallery, Train Yard

S. Beltrami - D. Bramante - M. Casentini - L. Di Falco - M. Fantini - G. Frangi - J. Massana - N. Quirico - M. Sanchez - M. R.Vargas

Contemporary artists on show only for one night in the Spazio Bigli

Ponti Palace

via Bigli,11/a



curated by Mario Francesco Simeone

2.XI.2014 - 8.XII.2014

La casa di Schiele, Benevento, Italy

Antonio Barbagallo, Angelo Barile, Paul Beel, Silvia Beltrami, Valentina Biasetti, Gabriela Bodin, Barbara Bonfilio, Simona Bramati, Sara Cancellieri, Gianluca Capozzi, Antonella Casazza, Vito Centonze, Adele Ceraudo, Pierluca Cetera, Gabriella Crisci, Vincenzo Last22 D'argenio, Salvatore Daddi, Fabrizio De Cunto, Mario Edoardo Dominguez, Roberta Feoli, Clare Galloway, Cristina Iotti, Arianna Lion, Savina Lombardo, Mario Loprete, Anna Madia, Pietro Marchese, Jara Marzulli, Klaus Mehrkens, Sagan Newman, Ferruccio Orioli, Alessandro Papari, Samuele Papiro, Francesca Romana Pinzari, Jerome Pouwels, Dora Romano, Giuliano Sale, Emanuele Sgambati, Milena Sgambato, Tina Sgrò, Vania Elettra Tam, Elisabetta Trevisan, Giuseppe Vaccaro, Valentina Zummo.

Nell’epoca della comunicazione, come funziona il piccolo formato? Lo spiega una mostra a Benevento, in 13x18/




030 arte de Brescia

curated by Dario Bonetta and Fabio Paris

23 / 27 July 2014

Museum of the castle, Brescia, Italy

Silvia Beltrami,Antonio Cavadini (aka Tonylight), Francesco Fonassi, Giovanni Fredi - GiorgioMininno - Carloalberto Treccani,Marco Gobbi, Giorgio Guidi, IOCOSE,Marco La Rosa, Claudia Lauro, Francesca Longhini, LucaMacauda, Filippo Minelli, ElenaMonzo, BrunoMuzzolini, NoiSeGrup,Marta Pierobon,

030_2-0 Arte da brescia dopo 10 anni torna la mostra simbolo dellarte contemporanea bresciana


spremuta per l'estate

Silvia Beltrami

Maurizio Galimberti

Laura Gonzales Cabrera

Paco Guillen

Pino Pinelli

Nicolò Quirico

Marina R. Vargas

Franco Zazzeri

Costantini art gallery






Iside Comtemporanea

iside contemporanea


curated by Ferdinando Creta



22 December 2013 / 02 march 2014

Inauguration Sunday 22 December 2013 ore 16,30

Alice Olimpia Attanasio, Silvia Beltrami, Elisa Bertaglia, Claudia Bianchi, Desideria Burgio, Sara Cancellieri, Lucilla Candeloro, Li nda Carrara, Sabrina Casadei, Sonia Ceccotti, Marisa Ciardiello,. Mary Cinque, Corina Elena Cohal, Martina Di Trapani, Debora Garritani, Marilisa Giordano, Agnese Guido, Giuliana Iannotti, Rosaria Iazzetta, Miriam Iervolino. Cristina Iotti, Arianna Lion, Savina Lombardo, Daniela Montanari, Ester Negretti, Virginia Panichi Donati, Eliana Petrizzi, Sam Punzina, Michela Ezekiela Riba, Sara Rizzo, Milena Sgambato, Vania Elettra Tam, Elisabetta Trevisan


82100 Benevento

Tel. 0824 312465 - Fax 0824 312506

Tacà insèma

Silvia Beltrami - Gianni Cuomo
Khalid El Bekay - Maurizio Galimberti
Nicolò Quirico


Via Crema, 8 - 20135 Milano - Tel/Fax. +39 02 87391434 -


PAPer'Art Project : Un évènement artistique MP 2013

mp3 paper project

- Sous les auspices de GUDGI - AIX' ITINERAIRES DE L'ART;

The Art and Soul of paper

Mandell's Gallery -

Anteros Arts Foundation -

11 March - 20 April

The Art and Soul of Paper is associated with Washi: The Art of Japanese Paper held at Norwich University of the Arts from 12 March - 20 April.

The Art and Soul of Paper presents three paper exhibitions, two artist talks and a workshop in Papermaking from Plants. While Washi: the Art of Japanese Papermaking launches an exhibition and book, symposium and papermaking demonstrations and masterclass with Japanese Papermakers.

Over 55 artists including members from The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists. this celebration of handmade paper and paper art links four galleries in Norwich and a symposium on Washi: The Art of Japanese Paper.

The Art and Soul of Paper - Exhibition Spaces
Mandell's Gallery (11 March - 6 April) Anteros Arts Foundation, The Art Shop Project and 20 Elm Hill Display Windows (11 March - 20 April)

Infinite sfumature di donna

8 March 9:00 - 24:00

Martinengo Palace

RAVE 19 RAVE 19 92X101 CM 2012 COLLAGE

i nuovi mostri


Silvia Beltrami - Cristina Lama - Mirka Pretelli Milena Sgambato - Yolanda Tabanera - Marina R. Vargas

3 December 2012 - 26 January 2013


Via Crema, 8 - 20135 Milano - Tel/Fax. +39 02 87391434 -