Silvia Beltrami born in Rome in 1974, holder of a diploma from the Accademia di Belle Arti di brera in Milan.

The artistic vein of Silvia Beltrami materializes in a heartfelt reflection, sharing on the social, anthropological and psycological dynamic of today. Supefine and delicate technical mastery, a strong manipulative originality in the use of elements and media:collage cards from different backgrounds applied on plaster by tearing of the fresco, whith an illusory effect of apparent materiality of the painting that is truly amazing.

Various themes against the backdrop of the ideal metropolies described in their vertiginous fragmentary circle and lose the numerous characters of a modern “comedy” that experiences its own eradication on a thread of “neutral equilibrium”.Or the “Lead men” alienated and saturnlike figures of the ruthless game of rules which is the labour market marked by “mors tua vita mea”, bustling in a daily obstacle race in the perennial and desperate struggle for survival.

The most recent approach is the issue of the rave party: Silvia Beltrami's observation focuses on the loss of identity, on the stunning frenetic unbridled euphoria by the young people who experience the condition of dependency from a superficial and self-descructive enjoyment , fashion and consumerism, from a successful image in the relational field.

But there is never a censory or moralistic attitude: the artist is thought of as a travel companion of the restless protagonists of their own works, the bodies and souls are split into hundreds of minute fragments, uncontrolled splinters (supervised through by Beltrami's formality) from wandering in the research for meaning.


Paolo Bolpagni (Art historian and curator)