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CODA Paper Art 2015 | 07.06.2015 - 25.10.2015

CODA Paper Art is an international exhibition at CODA Museum Apeldoorn, the Netherlands with art and jewelry created by visual artists and designers that focus on paper and cardboard in their work.

Paper and cardboard are relatively simple and fairly cheap materials that, combined with traditional and modern techniques and the artist’s inspiration, show their endless possibilities and expressive power in staggering and dynamic but sometimes also moving and subtle ways. After a highly successful edition in 2013, CODA Museum Apeldoorn presents CODA Paper Art 2015, an exhibition that provides ample space – both literally and figuratively – for the installations, spatial works and specially selected jewellery of 36 artists from the Netherlands and abroad whose work is centred around paper and cardboard.

Exhibiting visual artists:

Frank Åsnes, Gunjan Aylawadi, Silvia Beltrami, Diana Beltran Herrera, Anne-Mieke Boonstra, BJ Birza, Rogan Brown, Sophie Cardin, Julie Dodd, Sarah Brina, Chris Gilmour, Jacob Hashimoto, Orukami Himanshu Agrawal, Meg Hitchcock Stege, Li Hongbo, Nina Lindgren, Tracy Luff, Berdien Nieuwenhuizen, Lisa Nilsson, Andy Singleton, Eric Standley, Richard Sweeney, Erin Turner, Phillip Valdez, Maud Vant Ours, Wang Lei

Exhibiting jewellery designers:

Attai Chen, Anne Finlay, Georgina Howling, Hanna Liljenberg, Suska Mackert, Jeremy maggio, Francine Oeyen, Ritsuko Ogura, il Tine Ruysser, Michihiro Sato, Janna Syvänoja, Lauren Vanessa Tickle Myung Urso, Flóra Vági, Ingeborg Vandamme, Li-Chu Wu

7.06.2015 - 25.10.2015

CODA museum

Vosselmanstraat 299

7311 CL Apeldoorn

tel.: (055) 5268400


Panopticon-2014-Silvia Beltrami-diptych 216x287cm