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silvia beltrami

XXS aperto al contemporaneo
5/5/2017 – 6/10/2017

XXS aperto al contemporaneo presents, for the first time in Sicily, the personal exhibition called “Punti di fuga” (“Vanishing Points”) of the artist Silvia Beltrami.
The title suggests a double meaning formula: it is not only indicative of the scientific perspective, but it also suggests the escape from reality or, to be more precise, the passage that allows the escape; both aspects are expressed in Silvia Beltrami’s art.
The artist's reflection considers several psycho-social issues, represented with the perfected collage technique. Using images with indefinite contours, Beltrami employs the pieces of her puzzle as exclusive instruments of her works of art, abolishing the academic brushstroke.
Her collages express the everyday life’s psychosis: consumerism, appearance, superficiality; so fragmentation becomes the metaphor of today's society. The human being is no longer unique and alone, but a composition of colourful facets, and deflagrated in space – as the work of art – he splits into innumerable particles, but at the same time he is chained to a magnetic power that makes him an integral part of a single project, where lines and motions built on a surface intersect in the vacuum of imaginary levels; where polychrome and variegated women run after their dreams or where rave dancers chase incessantly the search for a tunnel that can lead them to the total loss of consciousness.
Emanuela Pitti (Translated by Elisa Bonzi)

In collaboration with Costantini Art Gallery – Milan
Technical Sponsor: Pizzo & Pizzo – Palermo Dei Principi di Spadafora – Palermo