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5 JUNE - 7 AUGUST 2016

elena aromando, elysia athanatos, silvia beltrami, carlo bettoni, dario biancheri, tonina cecchetti, giacomo filippini, giuliana geronazzo, annamaria gheza, rosalba giugliano, fukushi ito, enrico minato, elena vitale

The exhibition Artist games homage to Calder, curate by Giorgio Bonomi is inaugurating in the field of expression of art and game, on June 5 at 18:00 pm in Terzorio (IM), in the meeting point (house Museum’s Freedmann). It is an exhibition which want to display one of the endless aspects of art may take: from tragedy to comedy, from knowledge to the fun, from the thought to the joke and more besides; it is no coincidence that the exposition is a tribute to Calder, the great American artist, who dedicated the large part of his work to the playful.
The invited artists (Elena Aromando, Elysia Athanatos, Silvia Beltrami, Carlo Bettoni, Dario Biancheri, Tonina Cecchetti, Giacomo Filippini, Giuliana Geronazzo, Annamaria Gheza, Rosalba Giugliano, Fukushi Ito, Enrico Minato, Elena Vitale), each with his own style and his poetics, offer an example of his own art it can be smart element of the game. Effectively art is, at all times, for those who make it and those who observe it, a practice of knowledge and emotion; but also the game, if we leave out the pastimes fools, is an incentive to know and enjoy. Let us consider, for example, the game of chess which requires remarkable qualities or to the effects that the games have on the physical and intellectual growth of children. For this reason it has made an exhibition, that we hope, can entertain the spectator but at the same time, it involves him in a reflection that goes beyond of the first impression, coming to his memory and enrichment of his intellectual and emotional capacity.
There are paintings, photographs, sculptures, performances, in short, a small display of various possibilities “technical-expressive” in the contemporary art.

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